Yangon (Rangoon)

Known for its colonial architecture

  • Currency:
  • Kyat/Pya
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Yangon (Rangoon)
Weather in Yangon (Rangoon)
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  • Language:
  • Burmese

Yangon (Rangoon)

 Yangon was formerly the capital of Burma, and was known as Rangoon. The city with its exotic sights, sublime pagodas, colonial buildings and pervasive Buddhist culture is magnificent. Yangon`s residents are gracious and fun loving and the city has a 19th-century charm, with its quiet tree-lined avenues. The downtown area has a few high-rise buildings, but overall the city has preserved a British ambience. The glistening golden stupa of the Shwedagon Pagoda, continues to dominate the cities landscape, a perfect symbol of a country in which Buddhism pervades every aspect of life.

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