Sucre, Bolivia

Chocolate and cocao specialities

  • Currency:
  • Bolivano/Centava
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Sucre, Bolivia
Weather in Sucre, Bolivia
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  • Language:
  • Spanish

Sucre, Bolivia

 Sucre was founded in 1538 as the Spanish capital of the Charcas, a vast region between Peru and Argentina, the city was then known as La Plata. Sucre has a rich colonial heritage evident in its churches and historic buildings. La Paz is the de facto capital of Bolivia, but the supreme court still convenes in Sucre, it is the judicial capital of the nation. Sucre is Bolivia`s chocolate capital and there are some wonderful chocolatiers in the city. Some of the world`s finest cocao is produced in Bolivia. The city has a fine collection of museums and galleries and some vibrant entertainment and live music in the bars. Some restaurants have pena nights with traditional Andean music.

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