Russian Federation

St Petersburg

Magnificent city on the Neva River

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St Petersburg
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St Petersburg

The elegant and enchanting city of St. Petersburg, was once Russia`s capital founded by Peter the Great with an eye to expanding the country`s influence in Europe. The main boulevard, the Nevski Prospekt, enters the city via a series of canals and bridges. There are over 540 bridges in the city spread across forty four islands, and this lyrical relationship between architecture and water, make St. Petersburg one of the most stunning cities in Russia. The historical city centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. The Hermitage Museum has the largest collection of art in the world. The nightlife in the city is legendary. Located at near arctic  latitudes, the city experiences a month in summer during which it never gets dark. This is the cities famous "White Nights" period and a mystical, romantic atmosphere pervades the city during this time.  

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