French Overseas Department

Martinique, Fort-de-France

Madiana, the island of flowers

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  • Euro / Cent
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Martinique, Fort-de-France
Weather in Martinique, Fort-de-France
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  • French, Creole

Martinique, Fort-de-France

Martinique is an overseas region of France. The national legislature is in Paris and the regional legislature is in Fort-de-France. Martinique is an island of outstanding beauty, quaint seaside villages, colonial ruins, rainforests and beaches. Madiano or "Island of Flowers," is the Carib name for the island and hibiscus, bouganville and bird of paradise grow in lush profusion everywhere. Fort-de-France is a bustling, cosmopolitan town with an unmistakable French air. A piece of New Orleans, a piece of French Riviera, with ornate wrought-iron balconies, palm trees and narrow streets cluttered with boutiques and caf├Ęs.

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