Kyoto City

Japan's old "Imperial Capital"

  • Currency:
  • Yen / Sen
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Kyoto City
Weather in Kyoto City
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  • Japanese

Kyoto City

Kyoto city is where some of Japan`s most famous monuments are preserved and to truly understand Japan, one must spend time in the backstreets and environs of its old imperial capital. Kyoto is surrounded by mountains and some of the best monuments and gardens are found in the foothills. The Philosopher`s walk is a wonderful promenade during the cherry and maple season and is known for its unspoiled natural beauty. Craft shops, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques are scattered along its route. The symbolism of Daisen-in Zen Garden at Daitoku-ji is a masterpiece of dry-landscape garden design. Kyoto is a magnificent and historic city of ancient and modern Japanese culture

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