The heart of Pakistan´s economy

  • Currency:
  • Rupee / Paisa
Map of Karachi Map.png
Weather in Karachi
  • Local Time:
  • Language:
  • Urdu, English


The economic and commercial heart of Pakistan, Karachi is a true world mega-city and the most diverse and cosmopolitan city in Pakistan. The important port city has a commercial centre with many hotels, busy shopping district and british era colonial buildings in the Saddar bazaar area. The skyline of the city is dotted with high-rise buildings. Karachi has a superb museum, The National Museum of Pakistan where the nations history is well represented. The city has a wide range of good restaurants, and although there are no nightclubs, musical and theatrical performances often take place. Karachi has wonderful historic bazaars, many selling Kashmiri embroidery and Swati carved woodwork.

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