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The following declaration of the rights and obligations are based on City Contrast principles and rules, and regulates the relationship between users and others. When using or accessing City Contrast, you agree to the Rules of the declaration.

1. City Contrast takes the protection of your privacy very seriously, however City Contrast cannot guarantee that the personal data of the user remains non- public. We grant that despite our efforts, to protect personal data, there are capable individuals who develop Mining methods and other methods to gain access to personal data. For this reason, City Contrast cannot guarantee, that personal data resulting from the participation in their projects and by registered persons, are reliably protected from unauthorized information. In our privacy policy, City Contrast gives the user an overview with important indications as how to share information etc. with other users and what kind of data are needed for what purpose.

2. Personal data

means information to learn your identity. This includes information such as your real name, your address, postal address, Phone number, etc. Information not directly associated to your real identity or having to do with your real identity are not excluded. You can use the online-offer basically as a reader, without disclosing your identity. However the placement of Images, information, reports, etc. requires a personalization to be submitted beforehand. Your information is stored on servers that are accessed by authorized persons that are responsible for the technical and editorial care of the server only. As far as we are obliged by law or by court order, we transmit your data to entitled bodies only. Should we in the framework of the order data order processing, share information to service providers, these are bound by the same declaration of data protection. The statistical evaluation of anonymised data is kept track of.

3. Exchanging and sharing your content and information

on City Contrast under which the intellectual property rights are covered, such as reports, photos and videos, information etc.(IP content), you give us subject to your privacy. You give us a non-exclusive, under licensable, free, worldwide license for the use of all IP-content that you place on city contrast. You should carefully review all your information, images reports etc. before publishing. Check that they contain no information that is not intended for the public. Furthermore you carry the responsibility, and not City Contrast, that your contributions, articles, pictures, information, images etc. do not violate the rights of third parties since these are to everyone and globally accessible. Your information, images, etc. that you place in City Contrast may not be misleading, be fraudulent, false, deceptive or offensive.


Safety and security is important to us and we try to maintain it, but City Contrast can- not guarantee it. For security and safety, we need your help and this includes the following obligations: You may not set up or send any spam on City Contrast or set up and send any non-authorised, or non approved advertising or promotional material. You may not upload any Viruses or other malicious code. You may not collect any user-information on other persons. You may not use City Contrast for any illegal, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory and racist acts whatsoever. You will not set any content on City Contrast, that is evil, threatening, pornographic, or contains violence, the call to violence, or nudity whatsoever.

5. Protection of the rights of others

must be respected. It is not permitted to set any content or material on City Contrast or perform actions of any nature that violate the rights of other persons, or of the law. We are authorized to remove all information, reports, images, etc. that you have placed on City Contrast that we deem to be in violation of the statement. Should you repeatedly be in breach of the declaration, we will block your account and remove any material from the site forthwith. Should you post any information of or about other persons, you must obtain their consent and specify that you through City Contrast, "but not City Contrast", give their information etc. openly and visibly globally and to everyone. You may not post any data-related or sensitive data on City Contrast.

6. Copyrights and trademarks

The information, images, etc. that you post or set on City Contrast, cannot contain any content, which violate the rights of a third party, as well as a person, including the Copyright, brands, the privacy of rights of publicity or any other personal as well as property rights.

7. Note for children and young people under 18

If you are under the age of 18, you should not without express consent of your parents or legal guardians set or post any personal data.

8. Registration and account security

Should City Contrast block your user account you shall not create a different user account. You may not use any false personal information for a user account and you may not open a user account for someone else, without permission. Your user account details are correct and always up to date. You will not share your password or perform actions, that can compromise the security of your account. You can delete all personal information provided at any time.

9. Management of service

It can occasionally happen that certain functions for some users are temporarily or permanently not available due to abnormal activities such as illegal acts, abuse, spam etc. We will through technical Systems take note of this.

10. Use of cookies

Our software deploys "Cookies" which are small files that are stored on the computer. They help us to identify the frequency of use and the number of visitors to our website. In particular, we use cookies to enable user functions. If you are logged in with us. A cookie contains your account and your pseudonym. The cookies with the data of registered persons are not deleted when the browser is closed. A deletion only occurs when the user account is deleted.

11. Changes

City Contrast may at any time due to legal or administrative reasons change this Statement. If you do not want to accept the changes, you need to delete your account, and post no new, information or the like at City Contrast. If you don’t, it will constitute acceptance of the changes.

12. Disputes

Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Liverpool, United Kingdom. This Declaration, as well as all claims which may arise between you and us (City Contrast) Are governed by the laws in Liverpool, United Kingdom, under the exclusion of the principles of conflicts of law. You agree on a process of all Claims of personal jurisdiction to be submit to the courts in Liverpool, UK.

City contrast strives to keep the site accurate and safe in operation, but your use of City Contrast is at your own risk. We provide City Contrast in the present state prepared without any express or implied warranty, including no infringement of the rights of third parties. should anyone claim, with regard to your information or content on City Contrast against us, you will be responsible for all damages, losses, and in addition to pay costs incurred (e.g., attorneys fees, legal fees etc.).


13. Miscellaneous

Please report all incidents of misuse to retain the integrity of this, City Contrast site. City Contrast is authorized to post and contribute information, reports, photos, Images etc. on its website at any time.

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